Future Gyroscopic Firetruck

**Emergency** Fire brigade team! Get ready for the 911 rescue mission! Forget the Road Firetruck rescue mission. Now get the experience of Future Gyroscopic Firetruck Simulation, this is Air self-balance fire rescue.

Every honest people dream of being a fireman? Here is your probability to be the HERO of the city Peoples! Rush to save lives! You can reduce the death toll by rushing to the rescue location! Drive a future firefighter truck and save the people from hazard. You have the modern fire extinguishing tool at your hand! You were recruited as a fireman to help the city to terminate burning buildings and vehicles.

Firefighter Gyroscopic Firetruck Emergency 911 Rescue is a new kind of future 3D Fire truck simulation game. As a player you have full control of a fire truck.

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If you want to become a real firefighter not only fire truck driver so you need to learn the rules of driving and parking a fire truck in this enjoyable and new exciting fire truck 3D parking game. You also need to control your mighty water cannon to make a stop to the burning building or vehicles.

Do not play this game just as a gamer rather play this game as a Real Life Super Hero!
What is Gyroscope? 
A Gyroscope is a device that uses Earth’s gravity to help determine orientation. Its design consists of a freely-rotating disk called a rotor, mounted on to a spinning axis in the center of a larger and more stable wheel.


🚑 1 Future Gyroscopic Firetruck
🚑 Real world 3D environment
🚑 Realistic controls
🚑 Simple but colorful and fast HD graphics rendering
🚑 Animated fires and smoke
🚑 Animated fire hose and water
🚑 Different camera angles that give you more control
🚑 Amazing background sound to enhance your gaming experience
🚑 10 Challenging city levels to test driving skills
🚑 In City Traffic Vehicles Buses, Trucks and Cars.
🚑 Map of Whole City
🚑 Emergency Quick Response.

Download & Play Firefighter Gyroscopic Firetruck Simulator 3D Game Free before it go to Paid Version – racing like big truck driver to help saving innocent lives in fire truck rescue missions.