Modern 🌻🌻 Farming Simulator 18

farming simulator 18

Modern farm sim 2018

Modern farm sim 2018

In the modern age, farming has now become easier than the past. New agricultural equipment makes it easier as compared to the previous century. People from the modern cities didn’t know about a village life and how to farm? They can just imagine a farmers life by playing this farming sim game.

Harvesting, seeding and reaping at your local farm fields and enjoy an agricultural life in your mobile village. Enjoy a farming by pop plants, harvest the fruits and enjoy the best farm tractor driving in your fruit farms and in the farm fields. Give a secure future to the next generation in the field of agriculture and tell them how to enjoy a village life.

In this farm sim game, your duty starts from driving a tractor, attach the plow with the modern tractor to cultivate the land. Seed the land and use farm tractor for plowing the big farm then use farm sprayer with the tractor and give water to the crops. Use modern technology to harvest the crops and make the best experience in farm simulator.

farming sim game

Maybe a tractor driving feels you a boring driving but believes that you don’t feel any boring while driving such a heavy tractor. Enjoy and make a memorable sim farm, by using modern agriculture equipment forget mud bay period and save the agricultural expenses and precious time. Enjoy a pure village life and watch your farm grow in front of your eyes. Harvest the crops and load them on a tractor trolley to sell them in the city.

So let’s start farming in this winter game season and enjoy winter vacations. Install this new farming game and feel like a modern farmer you are the best farm manager my farmer boy. Manage all the equipment and let’s take the best farming exp. Down on the farm. Turn your land into a lush green farm with your farming skills. Be the best farmer in the township and compare your agricultural experience with a real farmer.

Game-play & features

  • Best 3d farming graphical environment
  • Looks like a real farming life
  • Drive a tractor and enjoy a new taste of driving
  • Plant and reap with best harvesting equipment
  • Best control for tractor and harvester
  • Become the real master farmer
  • Challenge your friends and other farmers about your achievements

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Future Gyroscopic Firetruck – Download Free for Android

Future Gyroscopic Firetruck

Future Gyroscopic Firetruck

**Emergency** Fire brigade team! Get ready for the 911 rescue mission! Forget the Road Firetruck rescue mission. Now get the experience of Future Gyroscopic Firetruck Simulation, this is Air self-balance fire rescue.

Every honest people dream of being a fireman? Here is your probability to be the HERO of the city Peoples! Rush to save lives! You can reduce the death toll by rushing to the rescue location! Drive a future firefighter truck and save the people from hazard. You have the modern fire extinguishing tool at your hand! You were recruited as a fireman to help the city to terminate burning buildings and vehicles.

Firefighter Gyroscopic Firetruck Emergency 911 Rescue is a new kind of future 3D Fire truck simulation game. As a player you have full control of a fire truck.

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If you want to become a real firefighter not only fire truck driver so you need to learn the rules of driving and parking a fire truck in this enjoyable and new exciting fire truck 3D parking game. You also need to control your mighty water cannon to make a stop to the burning building or vehicles.

Do not play this game just as a gamer rather play this game as a Real Life Super Hero!
What is Gyroscope? 
A Gyroscope is a device that uses Earth’s gravity to help determine orientation. Its design consists of a freely-rotating disk called a rotor, mounted on to a spinning axis in the center of a larger and more stable wheel.


🚑 1 Future Gyroscopic Firetruck
🚑 Real world 3D environment
🚑 Realistic controls
🚑 Simple but colorful and fast HD graphics rendering
🚑 Animated fires and smoke
🚑 Animated fire hose and water
🚑 Different camera angles that give you more control
🚑 Amazing background sound to enhance your gaming experience
🚑 10 Challenging city levels to test driving skills
🚑 In City Traffic Vehicles Buses, Trucks and Cars.
🚑 Map of Whole City
🚑 Emergency Quick Response.

Download & Play Firefighter Gyroscopic Firetruck Simulator 3D Game Free before it go to Paid Version – racing like big truck driver to help saving innocent lives in fire truck rescue missions.

Fidget: Spinner vs Monsters Download Free for Android

spinner vs monsters

spinner vs monsters

Fidget Spinner App are Trending Spinner vs Monsters app in these days, I know you Play and Enjoy many spinner wheel games but this game is 100% Unique and Different from all Fidget Spinner Simulator games. We’re happy to present the brand-new Idea of monster hero and spider hero on this fidget spinner simulator it’s called Spinner vs Monsters.

We’re taking you on advanced combination of fidget spinner refreshingly load with mutant games. An amazing endless game that bring you the enjoyment and fun of an action run play game. Now it’s time to enjoy the twist and turns of fidget ride that are invisible in mutant fidget rider games and monsters hero flying games. Show off your riding and flying skills and become a superhero of fidget spinner.

It’s all about the experience that you have never face in any spinny fidget games and avengers games. Let’s get began with the story of chasing and with the challenge of benefit more top power to grow to be an actual superhero of this period.

So, individuals stop waiting and let’s take part in this future fight. Enjoy the ride of monster hero or superhero on the figit spiner.

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Game Play:
• It’s very easy to play
• Select your fidget spinner Monster
• 3 Buttons for Control your Monster Left, Right and Up
• Collect Coins in give Time and Health for Complete the Mission
• You can Increase time and health by pick the timer and health from the way
• Collect more Coins for Upgrade your Monster


Features of Fidget: Spinner vs Monsters:
• Instinctive and smooth on-screen controls
• Stunning HD & 3D graphics
• Breathtaking and high quality sound effect of this spinner fidget game
• Marvelous environment for fervent journey
• An action packed gameplay with limitless fun
• various exciting goals to achieve
• Real feel rides of fidget spinner

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Police Car Racer 3D: Black Racing – Download Now

Police Car Racer

police car racer

Police Car Racer 3D: Black Racing is an amazing police car driving game. Taking the roles of the police, you drive around the whole city in a fast police car racing around the city as you want, crash into other cars, don’t destroy traffic, jumping from large ramps, scale buildings, do stunts and destroy yourself and other people cars. You’re free to do whatever you want in this fun and amazing police Black Racing Game!

Become a Black police car racer – set in your car, shoot thieves and destroy

black racing

them and make the City Better. Collect points and buy New Amazing police cars and better Guns.
If you like Police Car Racer games, speed car games, destroy enemy, you will love this game.

You can drive police cars in whole city, do stunts or simply drive around and smash other cars up. You being the police, no one will stop you. This is a brilliant Fast paced 3D Police car game. You can choose between tilt control and arrow controls it’s depend on you which type of driving style you like.

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Features of Police Car Racer 3D: Black Racing

• Many Police Cars
• Many Levels
• Amazing Cars and Guns
• Destroy Enemy
• Many Criminals to Beat
• 3D free game

Game Play:

• Choose your Amazing Police Car
• Speed up your car, Load your Weapons
• Shoot on Target enemy, Collect Points and Buy New Cars or Weapons

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Hill Climb: Dash Racing MMx – Download Now

Hill Climb-Dash Racing MMx

Hill Climb

The most addictive physics based hill climb racing car game! And it’s free forever!

Hill Climb: Dash Racing’s physics engine is one that focuses on fun rather than trophy truck, and it will take you some time to acclimate yourself to the unique quirks of its handling as you tumble precariously over steep peaks, narrow bumps in the road and run racing.

Featured on Medium:

There is, of course, a purpose to those coins you’ve been collecting across the varying landscapes, and they’re primarily invested in improving your racing car. Upgrading your up hill climb cars will help you power up those steeper climbs, while an upgraded suspension will make your jeep less inclined to tip end-over-end on the bumpier sections

hill dash
Control your car to climb hills with most realistic control to face the challenges of unique hill climbing environments. Gain bonuses from tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances.

Drive and climbo throughout different scenarios. Change your car and get a new gaming experience.

Game Play:

The object of the jumping games is to collect coins while hill racing. Driving consumes gas or battery for electric powered vehicles, which players can replenish by picking up gas canisters or batteries along the way. The player “dies” if they run out of gas or hit the avatar’s head on the ground or ceiling. Coins may also be earned by performing “hill climber”, difficult maneuvers in the air jum, or by reaching set distances during given track. Coins may be spent on vehicle purchases, upgrades, or to unlock new levels, and vehicles. Different levels have different environment, such as different tracks, traction, or liquids that will slow the player down.

monster truck games

Features of Hill Climb Dash Racing:

• Upgrade your truck and own the leaderboard.
• Race your friends; let them know who the best is.
• Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation
• Real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine!
• Drive the Big Rig, the Tank, the Muscle Classic and many more
• Garage mode: build and drive your dream vehicle with custom parts!
• Get new boosters to drive even further
• 10 Amazing Levels!
• 4 Superb Vehicles!

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Car Stunts 2016: Enjoyable – Download Free for Android

crazy car stunts

Unbeliveable Stunts

Car stunts 2016 is a very enjoyable, Racing and amazing game in which you will face the different level and different tasks to clear the level there is a time limit to clear the level. Every level starts from a fixed position you will go forward for your stunt and when you complete the task then the level will clear otherwise level will fail. This is the 2016 new enjoyable release. We assure when you play this amazing game you will happy and need or demand more versions and levels of this game.

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– Go for the level stunts
– 4 Enjoyable Cars to choose
– First racing car is free other will unlock on 10000 XP, 12000XP, 15000XP
– You can get all from app purchase for just 2.99 $
– 10 outstanding and Enjoyable Levels

racing game 2016


– Accelerate the car from Speed Button
– Steering, Tilt and left right buttons
– Press the Nitro Button to accelerate
– Press the Break Button to Slow Down
– A reset button for you car

Car Stunts 2016: Enjoyable will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

Download from Google Play Store:

Offroad Jeep mountain climb 3d – Download for Android Free

jeep hill climbing

offroad hill climbing

🚙 2016 year of offroad hill climbing
Meet mark stim, the young offroad aspiring asphalt racer. He is about to embark on a most wanted racing journey where no limits exist to stop his hill climb racing 3d. Face the supercharged hill racing environments with all of 8 hill racing vehicles. Show your hill climb powers and hills racing stunts to get a free hill climb race license. Earn more cash in this 2016 driving mission to upgrade your vehicle and become best 4wd hilltop driver.

To make your racing dreams true eight different racer vehicles are added. So would you like to pick a cargo truck or six wheeler hills monster. Also you can try hilly 4*4 S.U.V or army 6*6. For hilltop driver 4*4 jeep is also here. Moreover, may be you are going to choose army truck as your ultimate clutch driving machine! Or I think you want to go with one of the marvellous raid truck or an impressive offroad jeep.

Offroad Jeep mountain climb
✔ Tips: How to win
Game winning hierarchy has no rocket science but is simple in functionality. Drive offroad jeep or other hill climb racing vehicles in mountain and hills. Accelerate and go now, offroad jeep mountain racing world is yours.

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➫ More Offroad Jeep Features

⇒ 10 Numerous stages with levels to reach in each more challenging stage.
⇒ Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation
⇒ Free open world 4×4 offroad hill climbing.
⇒ Real time reflections and outstanding 4×4 offroad vehicles.
⇒ Bright 3D panoramic racing view.
⇒ Various game modes to enjoy the crazy joy!
⇒ Realistic and stunning drums, cylinders, fences, traffic cones and other barriers.
⇒ Breathtaking visuals of mountains, hill, trees and complete grassland.
⇒ A 3d arrow to guide offroad racer to complete his track.
⇒ Realistic car controls of race, brake, dashboard and meter.
⇒ Use any movement controller option from tilt, steering and and arrows.
⇒ 5 different camera angles to give you more control in hill climbing duty.
⇒ Realistic front, neutral and back gears to move all around the mountain.
⇒ Compatible to all Mobiles and Tabs.

☑ What’s inside in game
Offroad jeep mountain climb 3d has great physics based motion principles. A big daring ride for racers to drive at track covered by mountains, slopes, rocks, sharp angles and turns.
Reach to different targets. Many of the new advanced 3d models of barriers, drums, cylinders and traffic cones have been added to make you best motor rider of 2016. No need to go driving school for driving test.Avoid collision with fences, wooden racks, boxes and other obstacles and make your race challenge for your friends.
Use powerful front and back gears to climb over mountain.Use either tilt ,steering or arrow navigation control at the frightened twists,turns and rounds during the whole jeep mountain climb.In offroad jeep mountain climb 3d, five different camera angles exist to gain more jeep racing control and enjoy complete 3d detailed environment with trees, grassland, hills and mountains.

cargo truck

Did you ever dream about drifting spectacular racing vehicles to the limit line on a drag strip? Offroad jeep mountain climb 3d includes many of awesome mountain jeep and vehicles for your traffic drive. Unlock your car to achieve next missions

✌ Racer! All the best
GameObject Studio optimized offroad jeep mountain climb 3d for all smartphone users and designed for 4×4, jeep and offroad simulator and hill climbers. Wish you gaming year 2016.

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BMX Racer: Crazy Stunts 2017 Android Game – Download 100% Free

Crazy Stunts 2017

bmx racer crazy stunts 2017

BMX Racer Crazy Stunts is the No.1 Extreme BMX game in 2017 with crazy stunts action.
Many boys are taking interest within the bmx stunts and need to turn out to be a bmx guy. Bicycle boy skater is an extraordinary game where in you need to carry out like a king of dust from your bmx tricks and all the tricks you may exercise in this game. So Now If you want to become Skater Stunts Racer and want to perform BMX freestyle stunts then this game is a last stop for you.

bmx stunts

Once you complete all levels to become a champion than you are never going back to any other BMX game, because the excitement and pleasure in the game will keep you engaged in clearing different levels in the game.

BMX racer bicycle skater boy has some intense and thrilling missions, ride your grand freestyle mega ramp biker fever to perform reckless biking and hedges to show the audience that you are the best bike rider by pulling off the skater stunts and unleash the racer.

In this scooter bmx freestyle game try for the touch grind skate one of a kind sorts of extreme stunts will face and lots of distinct stumbling block will also prevent you to break out. Distinctive levels and real stunts design in this game use nitro to reach the final role within the given time you may customize your bmx bike from choice vicinity many exclusive designs and character textures are available so as to select.

What you can do?

  • Hold your pedal and get on the amazing and astonishing grand muscle sports mountain Fat-Bike through death-defying tracks and paths
  • Show off the extreme impossible track superstar daredevil like BMX mountain GT racing and stunt and perform high jumps on colossal ramps
  • Accelerate through fiery hoops
  • Avoid deadly propellers
  • Knock down and smash obstacles
  • Get dash and race like the lighting bullet speed specialist bicycle rider
  • Speedy and furious against your rivals
  • Extensively use the special pedaling technology and gears to leap and roll up through ricochet and treacherous loops through broken bridges and whirlpool style roadways
  • Choose your bike among 4 super Grand BMX bikes with super suspension and realistic biking physics.

How to drive BMX cycle?

  • Pedal your bmx for extreme riding
  • Navigation control training features.
  • Cycle drive carefully
  • Different Bicycle
  • BMX Bicycle Simulator


  • Crazy Rooftop Bicycle Riding Experience!
  • 3 Different Terrains
  • Riding in Day and Night Mode
  • Challenging Riding Missions!
  • Superb 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!
  • Various cool bmx tricks
  • 90 cool and addictive levels
  • More levels are coming soon

Download from Google Play Store:

Extreme City GT Racing Stunts – Download Free for Android

Extreme City GT Racing Stunts

extreme city gt racing stunts

Get ready for World’s Longest Car Jump

Are you ready to beat the world record jump ?? If yes, then what are you waiting for ? Take one level high in the Jet car stunts world. World’s longest stunt racer Ramp has been set. Take your air stunt with nitro motor car. Smash the dangerous air race with other GT car racers and beat hot wheels car racers in Extreme City GT Racing Stunts. Using turbo nitro engine, enjoy rapid nitro power. Tap a nitro button to boost stunt car speed, tap to make nitro flames. Play stunt race offline and beat your friends in stunt car simulator. No Wifi-No issue !

gt car racers

What is Nitro Car Stunt all about?
Reckless Car Stunts 3d is a new challenging stunt racing Game. Become a Stunt Man and drive a car through the obstacles and other automobiles. Clear all grand auto jump levels with this challenging car 3d stunt simulation.
Pick Nitro powers for history’s furiously grand automobile car racing. Pick more nitro powers to maximize your winning chance in turbo car racing. Don’t forget to blow nitro flames from GT Nitro stunt car. Tap the nitro button to turn on jet car nitro-mode.

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Accelerate world’s fastest bullet car now! Take off for centuries highest smashing jump over the longest car ramp. Enjoy free fall down, land your jet car nicely on road and make your history now with Extreme City GT Racing Stunts!!
Join the world of crazy car stunts, perform risky car stunts to challenge your skills and experience the real turbo car racing.

✔ Nitro Mode On/Off
In car stunts 3d, now you can play with/without nitro-mode. Turn off nitro mode in the city but don’t forget to turn on at a time of take off.
✔ World Longest Car Racer-Jump
Get ready for History’s longest pro car racer jump. Jump and land accurately. Earn more points and unlock next car stunts 3d levels.
✔ Car Still feature in air
In the market, for the first time, Dev added brand new car still feature in air to energise your stunt class.
✔ Extra Car Reset / Nitro button.
If your stunt car capsized, use car reset button at the time of car overturn. Pick nitro power-ups and tap the nitro button to gain airy speed.
✔ Maintain your Nitro Power Bar
Throughout the car simulator 3d, maintain 3d stunt nitro power. Pick Nitro power-ups more and survive longer at the drag racing evening.

Drive and manoeuvre through the treacherous surprising ramp to dominate the levels! Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy loads of stunts! Enjoy the thrill of drifting and landing through spectacular stunt ramps. This is the epic stunt game you have been waiting for many months!

And stay tuned for Extreme City GT Racing Stunts second updated release. Stunt game is on – Beat your opponents around stunt tracks and ramps. Experience more crazy stunt jumps, traps and environments to challenge the most seasoned driver.

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Air Stunt Bike Racing Game – Download Free for Android

eXtreme air racing game

Air Stunt Bike Racing

Air Stunt Bike Racing is the No.1 eXtreme air racing game. Air Stunt Bike Racing game based on different type of air stunts in the air the levels are designed in fully air. You can see the whole city environment while doing a stunt with your bike in given time. It is a same like a racing game without any competitor. Here is a chance to show the world you are a great bike rider and one of the bike lovers.
You can speed up your bike with the nitro and warning is please avoid accidents and try to save your stunt bike from the crash.

eXtreme air racing game

In this game, you can fulfil your one wheeling dream with the real feel of the bike drive. This Enjoyable: bike riding game totally based on air stunts. You can use the 4 different stunt bikes.
Start the bike engine, Control the bike power and experience the thrill of handling. Go bumper to bumper with crazy riders to win the world championship. Now get ready for adrenaline power racing action and ride your way to victory in the fastest lane of all.

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Features of Air Stunt Bike Racing:

  • City Environment
  • Stunt Mode with difficulty
  • 4 different stunt bikes
  • 10 Amazing Levels
  • One Wheeling with realistic Physics
  • Awesome and Enjoyable Graphics
  • Simulator like controls
  • Easy to learn and drive
  • Dangerous hilly environment

Game Play:

  • Tilt for right left
  • Brake button to slow Down
  • Meter for speed
  • Race button to accelerate
  • Nitro

Download at Google Play Store: